Five tips to consider before starting a freelancing business in Kenya

In this post I will highlight five tips or areas to consider before starting your freelancing business in Kenya. I will use graphic design related examples which happens to be my field but the tips can be applied across board. Choose whether to operate as a consultant or company From … Continue reading

How Do I Distinguish A Genuine Graphic Designer From A Quack?

With the high rate of unemployment across the globe many people with computers have turned themselves to designers in quest for a living. The availability of graphic design applications, both genuine and pirated and mushrooming of colleges purporting to offer graphic design courses have not made things any better. Consequently … Continue reading

Designing on Speculation

Designing on speculation or speculative design is asking a designer to supply sample designs of real work without any commitment of hiring him. In most cases the client provides several graphic designers with a brief and then asks for sample designs. The client then decides on who to hire based … Continue reading